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We feature more than 100 in-house editorial suites equipped with Avid or Adobe Premier systems. Available on either a short-term or long-term basis, these rooms are custom built to our individual clients’ specifications. With more than 15 miles of fiber optic cabling in our facility, we can accommodate workflows of virtually any size. Local and networked storage options include Avid Unity and Nexus.

We provide the flexibility productions need today. When schedules change or unexpected needs arise, we can add editorial or storage resources as needed. Additionally, we provide easy access to other post services. Our sister facility, Technicolor PostWorks New York, also offers full post-production facility services including on-line editorial, color grading, duplication, media encoding and high-speed file transmissions.

Over the years, we have developed strong and deep bonds with leading technology manufacturers and software developers, including Avid. We pay close attention to the latest products and updates, and are often called upon by manufacturers to provide feedback on future product development.

We provide continuous maintenance and comprehensive, on-site technical support. Engineering staff is on-site, 8 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Friday. After hours support is available at all other times.

Summary of Services

  • Avid and Adobe Premier system rentals
  • Edit suites and scalable office space
  • Project specific workflow design and engineering
  • Data management services and workflow supervision
  • Real Time Review and Approval
  • Avid Unity and Nexus storage area networks
  • File-based workflow development
  • 3D stereoscopic workflow support

Service and Support

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Rapid on-site engineering response, including after hours and weekends
  • Upgrades performed as needed for all provided equipment, including Avid Unity and Nexus
  • Proactive maintenance, daily remote monitoring of storage, 24/7 alerts for Storage Area Network issues
  • Escalation of product design requests (for cameras and editorial systems) through our close ties with Sony, Panasonic, Avid and other manufacturers

Along with editorial suites, PostWorks offers a variety of turnkey office solutions for producers, writers, loggers and other production staff. Offices can be leased on a weekly, monthly or long-term basis and include phone and high-speed internet. Tenants enjoy the benefits of having all their operations at one site, as well as the amenities of the city’s largest post-production facility. Flexible terms allow tenants to scale up or scale down as production needs require. Our facility makes an ideal home for television producers, independent film productions and other creative enterprises.


  • Client Lounges
  • Kitchen with Complimentary Craft Services
  • Large Conference Room with networked media playback



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