Postproduction gets credit

Biggest tax incentive in the U.S. should bring film-editing work to NY.

Domenic Rom already handles the editing and finishing work on major New York-based productions like 30 Rock and Boardwalk Empire. But now his company is aggressively going after a new piece of business—the postproduction for movies and television shows that are filmed in other locales.

Mr. Rom, executive vice president of Technicolor-PostWorks New York, the largest postproduction facility in the state, and others in his industry have a powerful new tool of persuasion. Late last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill that triples the state’s tax credit on postproduction work, to 30% in New York City and 35% upstate.

“Right now, most movies that shoot in, say, Iceland or the Midwest just take their postproduction back to Los Angeles like they always have,” said Mr. Rom, who is already in talks with a number of directors scheduled to shoot movies in other states—including Spike Lee, whose movie Oldboy will be filmed in New Orleans this fall—to persuade them to bring their footage back to New York for postproduction. “Now we have the best incentive in the country.”

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