Technicolor PostWorks Posts PBS’s The Vietnam War

Spanning 18 hours over 10 parts, The Vietnam War is arguably the most ambitious documentary directors Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have undertaken. Burns, Novick, producer Sarah Botstein and their team at Florentine Films spent more than 10 years compiling interviews with participants from all sides, along with masses of television news footage, archival photography, news clippings, maps and  other material, and editing it into a taut narrative that captures the bitter conflict’s complexities, contradictions, emotions and legacy.

Final post production for the series was completed at Technicolor PostWorks New York, and was similarly demanding. The post team, led by colorist Jack Lewars and lead conform editor Jeff Cornell, began receiving material from the film’s editors early in 2016 and delivered the final masters more than 20 months later, shortly before the series’ debut on PBS. The time in between was spent organizing, preparing and conforming source files, grading black & white and color media, restoring damaged archival elements, applying hundreds of titles and graphics, and producing a long list of deliverables.

Read more at POST Magazine, February 2018

Michael Holmes

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