Location Services

Technicolor – PostWorks New York provides a variety of location services through its partnership with Technicolor and its Technicolor On Location service. This service offers assistance in pre-production planning, and develops coordinated, streamlined production solutions.

Technicolor On Location provides cinematographers with enhanced creative control, enabling them to drive the looks they create on the set downstream. It also ensures that editors receive the best quality material.

Composed of the industry’s leading engineers, software developers, dailies timers and color scientists, this global team assists in developing personalized workflows suited to the individual production’s camera (or cameras) of choice, budget and production schedule.


  • Customized workflows for camera/recording/post production efficiency
  • Technicolor color science support
  • Industry-leading on-set look design with Technicolor DP Lights™ real-time look creation
  • Experienced dailies colorists
  • Mobile digital lab and theater for complete location services
  • Global dailies powered by FrameLogic™
  • 3D Dailies and onset playback
  • Expert support for premiere screenings, including talent and equipment

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