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From studio blockbusters to independent gems, Technicolor – PostWorks is the premier provider of feature film services in New York. We offer complete solutions for theatrical post-production. That includes everything from dailies processing (on-set, near-set or facility-based) through DI color grading and finishing (including DCP packaging). We are thoroughly versed in every camera system and format, as well as all the latest workflow technologies. We also offer state-of-the-art color management tools and other leading edge services through our affiliation with Technicolor. World-class sound editorial and mixing services are available through PostWorks. But most of all, we offer more than two decades of experience in theatrical post-production, our deep ties to the New York, national and international film communities, and a driving passion for the art of film. That is why some of the world’s leading filmmakers choose Technicolor – PostWorks New York to help bring their screen visions to life.

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  • Film scanning and recording to 4K
  • Proper image processing of both RGB and raw digital cinematographic formats
  • Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP) including 3D Stereo DCPs and key management
  • Various options for color and finishing for DI
  • Color-critical, stereo3D cinema grading theaters with Dolby Digital theatrical sound and both DCI-compliant digital projection and 35mm electronically-synchronized film projection
  • Academy ACES/IIF workflow for high-dynamic range imaging
  • A unique and sophisticated feature dailies color processing pipeline, allowing for highly flexible image management throughout the finishing process

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